PRP biostimulation

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Harmonious face remodeling
  3. Toned and re-pulped skin

What is PRP biostimulation ?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are the latest generation of skin rejuvenation treatment, totally personalized.
Platelet-rich plasma promotes the regeneration process of the cell tissues and is obtained from your own blood sample consisting essentially of platelets and other elements of interest in the blood. (Plasma, vitamins, minerals).
Platelets are responsible for coagulation and scarring. They contain active molecules: growth factors that allow the natural repair of damaged tissues.
PRP treatments by mesotherapy induce an improvement of the quality of the skin and a smoothing of the fine lines of the face, the cleavage and the hands.

Duration of the session

The session lasts about 30 to 45 minutes


Usually 2 sessions at 3-month intervals and an annual maintenance session.


Some redness is always possible in the hours that follow.

Number of sessions

Two to three sessions to begin, then an annual maintenance treatment.

The results

Platelets have exceptional revitalizing properties known and used for many years in reconstructive surgery. These are living cells that will help recreate living tissue where they are injected. The skin becomes softer, more toned. The complexion is more rosy, more alive. In short, good looks.

Post-treatment PRP Biostimulation tips

Plan a time when the skin may be red and marked.
Do not clean the face immediately after treatment, wait about 10 hours before cleaning the face.