The reference in medico-aesthetic care without surgery

The clinics are distinguished by the attention given to the details of beauty and natural health, whether they are corrections to facial or body features. Belladerma relies on five years of experience in aesthetic medicine to offer you the best service, and this, in all discretion.

BELLADERMA offers you the opportunity to enhance the features of your natural beauty, without surgery, to regain a youthful glow and betray time. Through painless injection techniques, approved by Health Canada, our health professionals will advise you on obtaining the most natural results.

Belladerma is ...

The reference in medico-aesthetic care without surgery thanks to an experienced medical team that always stays on the lookout for new products. A prestigious brand image synonymous with natural beauty. The address par excellence to appear to his advantage with notable results, and this, in all discretion.

Si plusieurs offrent les soins d’injections en compléments de services. Belladerma s’y concentre. Synonyme d’esthétique naturel, de professionnalisme et d’efficacité Belladerma cible une clientèle soucieuse de sa santé et de son image. Ses clients désirent le summum de la qualité des produits et des services qu’ils choisissent, et ce, en toute discrétion. Ses clients sont ainsi disposés à profiter pleinement de la vie et à garder une apparence impeccable.

Vos proches vous complimenterons sur votre air détendu et reposé. Personne ne pourra se douter que vous avez eu le soutien de Belladerma! Confidentialité assurée.

Avec Belladerma, ignorez le Temps! 

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Our team

Aesthetic Medical Care Belladerma Inc. relies on a diverse team of leaders who have all proven themselves in their respective fields. An experienced business and health care professional with extensive experience in management, sales and marketing, Belladerma's doctors and nurses are known for the quality of their medical care and the quality of service they provide to their clientele.

Dr Pierre Duguay

Surgeon doctor

Dr. Duguay has passed the qualifications and certification exams of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, ensuring that he has the necessary skills to provide quality plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. As a certified and recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Duguay is a highly competent specialist in a variety of cosmetic procedures.


David Lemelin

MBA, Founder-Administrator

Manager and entrepreneur, David has extensive experience in management, sales, marketing and business management.


Isabelle Vibert

Clinical Nurse with a Bachelor's degree

With extensive experience in ophthalmic and injectable care since 1997, Ms. Vibert is active and sensitive. She has developed a healthy lifestyle focused on health, nutrition, exercise and self-confidence. Organized, orderly and meticulous, she excels in health care and medico-aesthetic beauty treatments. She practices her profession with passion, having at heart the well-being and overall health of each patient.

Line Thibault, INFIRMIÈRE

Line Thibault


An experienced nurse, Line is passionate about beauty care and the well-being of those around her. With a remarkable dexterity, she knows how to listen to the needs of customers to arrive at the most perfect results. Line is certified by the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine of Montreal and excels in injectables, offering natural results. Certification of Line: Injectables in aesthetic medicine