1. Enhances the cheekbones.
    2. Increases the volume of the lips.
    3. Smooth the wrinkles around the mouth.

What is Juvederm?

JUVEDERM therapy is an injection treatment aimed at reducing facial wrinkles. JUVEDERM is the trade name of the product.

What is Cosmetic Botox treatment?

JUVEDERM therapy consists of injecting low doses of hyaluronic acid into the dermis, to reduce grooves and expression lines or to temporarily increase the volume of the lips or cheeks.

Duration of treatment

Depending on the treatment area, the duration can vary between 30 to 60 minutes


To maintain its effect, we must repeat the treatment to the years. Can be done every two years for cheekbones.


Depending on the treatment area, anesthesia may be possible before the procedure. Usually, since the product contains an anesthetic, the treatment is quite comfortable.

The results

The result is visible immediately. Swelling may be possible immediately after treatment.

Number of sessions

Depending on the desired result, an annual treatment is sufficient for one area.

After-treatment Botox cosmetic tips

A follow-up appointment, 2 weeks after treatment, is advised in order to:
  • To note the effectiveness, the desired aesthetic result and to make sure of no presence of side effects.
  • Make corrections as needed.
  • Make an appointment within 8 to 12 months for a booster treatment.
For a duration of 3 to 4 hours, it is important to:
  • Do not touch, rub or apply pressure to the treated areas;
  • Do not lie down, or put your head upside down;
  • Ice can be applied, but not excessively.